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Legal Assistance Company Registration in Belarus

All issues of registration of a company or an individual entrepreneur (bisinessman) in Belarus are regulated by the President Decree from 16.01.2009 , which came into force on February, 1st, 2009. The Decree has radically improved the procedure of registration, but has not simplified a life to future businessmen as many counted on it. This Act states an application procedure for registration of business in our country.

Consulting of investors on opening of representation offices or establishing business organizations in the Republic of Belarus:
Selection of optimal organizational and legal form of the company;
Selection of place for incorporation of the company (taking into account tax remissions for certain activities in various low-tax areas of the country).

Individual working out of constituent documents of the organizations to be established, including corporate management structure considering specific features of the Client.

Legal support at the stage of incorporation of the company in a registering body and after registration (registering by competent authorities and organizations).

Working out of documents for issue of corporate securities.

Working out of corporate financing structure taking into account tax and currency regulations concerning investments.

Handling of relations with personnel:
support during employment of foreign citizens;
development of labor agreements, contracts, provisions of commercial classified information, individual agreements on non-disclosure of information representing classified data, provisions of awarding bonuses to personnel and other documents.

Consulting on observance of regulatory requirements to the activities carried out by the Client on the territory of the country.

Development of reorganization and structuring schemes of the company.

Legal support in establishing branch network.

Only technical part of process of starting a new business in Minsk and Belarus - input of data about the company or businessman into the uniform state register - becomes simpler. Moreover, the present order shifts all responsibility for possible errors admitted by preparation of documents for registration (including non-observance of the procedure of creation of legal persons) on founders, heads of the legal persons and individual businessmen.

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